I have a message, and it is very simply; choose to live with love. 

Love is great, isn’t it? I am all about love. Exhilarating love. Brim over and spill out with love, love. Love for yourself; love for others; love for the planet and all the beings we share it with. I know it’s not always easy, but trust me, this is where it all begins. We can leave our impact on the world by choosing to open our hearts and live with love. 

I had an idea I’d like to be a counsellor pretty early on, but after a period of travel I moved to London in my 20s and spent a decade working in marketing and making my way on the corporate scene instead. On paper I did well, but the twists and turns of my own journey led me into therapy as a client, and this changed my life. It helped me to get in touch with who I really was and reminded me that I could follow my deepest purpose-led desires if I could allow myself to be brave. I began re-training as a psychotherapist, and later co-founded Transform Counselling, a low-cost not-for-profit counselling service providing affordable depth therapy to those who would not otherwise have access to it.

As I’ve continued on my path of personal development I’ve come to recognise the things that are most important to me; relationships, spiritual growth, doing meaningful work. I eventually left the cut and thrust of the city to seek a more gentle and soulful life in the stillness of the countryside, and nature became a wonderful teacher. I have discovered that in nature’s qualities, we can find the qualities of our Selves. She heals and awakens. Her beauty mirrors the inner beauty we hold within. She shows us strength, resilience and majesty, and tells us that we are part of something bigger; that we are all connected.

Every one of us are a part of this Universal ecosystem, and so magical things can happen when we come together. My work now is to share the learnings of my experience via coaching, spiritual mentorship and psychotherapy, weaving in the wisdom of nature, to facilitate pathways towards a more beautiful, mindful way of being.

I am not a spiritual master; I offer everyday accessible spirituality according to what I’ve learned ~ that everything we seek resides within us, and that all we can ever want is available to us when we just start to notice.

I will work with you to write your story, uncover your true nature and align with those good vibrations that will help you find your own source of guidance; a source that will be available to you always.

You know you are special and here for a reason, don’t you?

From my heart, to yours..