Experience Days


I also offer individual experience days that are designed uniquely for you. These days are for those who are needing a spiritual boost, seeking guidance to a specific life question or are simply being called to do some deep exploration into themselves. 



Wild Healing Experience Day


The way we connect with the planet is a reflection of the way we connect with ourselves. In all her abundance, Mother Earth has so much she can teach us. Our day will be spent in a luxurious space surrounded by glorious nature. We will work creatively and experientially, including taking a powerful Wisdom Walk to ignite your physical, emotional and spiritual connection to the natural world. 



Love Your Sacred Self Experience Day


Let’s commune with your Sacred Self. Let’s ask her what she needs, what she wants and what she desires. This will be a day giving her exactly those things. We will work together to get in touch with that deepest part of yourself to curate an experience that will allow you to drench yourself with love. It will be nourishing, illuminating, revitalising; an uplift for the soul. 



Experience Days from £1,500