I’m Julia. 

I’m a coach and transpersonal psychotherapist seeking to make positive change in the world by empowering women to claim the greatness and potential that is inherently theirs. 

My clients are women who are change-makers. Creators. Women with vision and inspiration and a calling to make a purposeful impact in whatever unique way is meaningful to them. I work with these women, women like you, to facilitate journeys of self-discovery that will open their hearts, awaken their intuition, show them their power, and create lives brimming with magic and joy.

My personal and professional experience has taught me that to make profound life-changes, we must first build an intimately connected and loving relationship with our inner Selves. I work intuitively and at depth, blending coaching with psychotherapeutic practice and combining deep inner work with the application of positive psychology, to help you nurture that relationship. 

I deeply believe that it is our birthright to live a life of fulfilment and happiness. We deserve to find the wonder in our every day. This soulful, heart-led work will breathe goodness into all aspects of your life; relationships, health, wellbeing, business and money; enriching your lived experience and enabling you to continually grow and expand into all you can be. It is exciting and vital and transformative. 

We have all come here with a purpose; this is just a little bit about mine. I would love to help you bring your's to life.


Together we can trailblaze lives befitting of our beautiful worth.