Working Together

Become Your Own Soulmate Programme


I work 1~1 with my clients to create a completely personal, bespoke and unadulteratedly focussed experience that is all about them. 


My flagship programme,  Become Your Own Soulmate,  is opened a handful of times throughout the year and spaces are limited; this enables me to give you the dedication you deserve.


Become Your Own Soulmate has been designed to put you back in touch with your inner, beautiful, most soulful You. It helps you to rediscover your inherent qualities and awaken your desires for the life you most want. It will facilitate answers to some of your big questions, and light the way forward. It will remind you how to deeply connect with your own wisdom and intuition and, crucially, show you how to truly love yourself. 


We will begin with an Experience Day where we will meet in gorgeous surroundings, eat deliciously nourishing food, and work gently but intensively to set the foundations for our ongoing work together. After that we will congregate for biweekly sessions via video call or in person, and you will have direct access to me in between for in-the-moment cheerleading. 


Become Your Own Soulmate is available as either a 3 or 6 month programme:


3 months £3,000

6 months £5,000


But let’s get to know each other a little first.

Get in touch for a complimentary Curiosity Session so we can find out what our journey together could look like.